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Grooming services available at Blue Line
  1. Full Groom
    A full groom includes a bath, nail trim, and shave or hand scissor per your specific instructions. Grooming rates vary by request, size of dog, and coat length and condition. We will brush mats at an additional charge.
  2. Basic Bath
    All of our full grooms include a bath, but sometimes you just want your pet fresh and clean without all the frills. This is our most economical option and is just a simple bath. No brushing or blow drying is included.
  3. Nail Trim
    We offer a basic nail trim or a dremel (nail grind). Either service can be added to a basic bath or be the only service requested.
  4. Hand Stripping
    Hand Stripping
    Wirehaired breeds should be hand stripped instead of shaved. Most groomers do not offer this service, but we have over 20 yrs experience hand stripping.
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