Blue Line Kennel
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Office hours:

8am-12pm & 4pm-5:30pm

8am-10:30am  & 4-5:30pm

Covid 19 - During this very difficult time for all of us, we will still be here, caring for your pets. We will not have regular office hours while the quarantine is in place, but we will be available by appointment. We will come out to your car to receive or bring back your pet. If you need training, grooming, or even boarding during this time, please call the kennel and leave a message or email us.  We will get back to you. 704-843-0944  [email protected]​​

Boarding Policies

What to Bring


Has your pet been ill within the last 2 weeks?

The following are required:
* Shot records & date/type of flea control
* Food in a sealed container (something with a     lid, not a bag,) and a scoop to measure food.      Note: We can provide food at an additional        charge.
The following are optional (please note that we do not promise the following items will make it home):
* A blanket, towel, or dog bed
* Toys
* Treats
Dogs play together in small groups during the day. If you dog is not dog friendly you must notify us or you may be responsible if your dog injures another dog. Please be honest, as this is for everyone's safety.
If your pet is currently ill and on medications, we can administer them at no additional charge to you, but we do need to know what they are and what they are for. If your pet is contagious we may not be able to board them for everyone's safety. If your pet was ill recently, but appears better, please let us know, so we can watch for relapses.


Boarding rates are per night, dependent on AM pick up. If you do not pick your pet up by closing time during the AM pick up hours, you will be charged for another night.  If you arrive when the kennel is closed to pick up or drop off, you will be charged an after hours fee of $15. Please respect that we live here on the property and are not always on call. Hours are as follows:
Mon-Fri   8-12 & 4-5:30  (closed from 12-4)
Sat   8-10:30  &  4-5:30 (closed from 10:30-4

Destructive Dogs

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or is just extremely destructive, please let us know.  We do have some tougher crates and runs available for these pets. If your pet causes excessive damage to the kennel, you may be responsible for paying for repairs.