Blue Line Kennel
Office hours:

8am-12pm & 4pm-5:30pm

8am-10:30am  & 4-5:30pm

Why send your dog to just a kennel, when they can go to camp!
At Blue Line Kennel dogs get to play together in small groups all day. We want your dogs to enjoy their vacation while you enjoy yours.
With over 30 years experience and an excellent reputation, you can have peace of mind that your pets are in good hands while you travel. Blue Line Kennel is not a fancy paw spa... it's more of a farm... it's dog heaven! Located in a country setting, down a long gravel driveway, in the middle of the woods, with indoor/outdoor runs and a climate controlled building, your pet will be safe and comfortable.  Your pet will experience all the smells of the outdoors and the farm...exciting for a dog.

A typical day in the kennel starts early in the morning.  The dogs are let out to potty and play, while we clean. Runs are cleaned outside and inside and fresh food and water is put down for each dog.  Then they are brought in to eat in their own private suite.  All pets are separated to eat, unless they are from the same household and can eat in the same space safely. After breakfast is done, all left over food is picked up and doors are opened for the day (weather permitting), so the dogs can play together in small groups, with access to the building and fresh water at all times.  Dogs are brought back in later in the afternoon for dinner or to finish left over breakfast. They are then let out again to potty and play for a while before we leave.  All pets are brought in and tucked in with a cookie and a blanket (unless they will eat them). Pets are let out again briefly later in the evening.
Most dogs that have been here before let their owners know what a good time they had on their next visit.  We are told that they get very excited coming down the driveway, as they know they are going to get lots of love and playtime while here at the kennel.

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The Team
  1. Heidi Baumbarger
    Heidi Baumbarger
    Heidi is the kennel owner, manager, trainer, and groomer. She has over 30 yrs experience training and grooming dogs. Heidi has had animals all of her life and has shown both dogs and horses.
  2. Megan Kropilak
    Megan Kropilak
    Megan is our assistant manager and has been with Blue Line Kennel for about 3 yrs now. The animals adore Megan and so do we. She is friendly and cheerful and is always happy to help any way she can.