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Is There a Timeframe for Your Boarding Service?

Whether it’s a three-day business trip or a two-week family vacation, it’s always difficult leaving your pet behind while you are out of town. That is why when selecting a boarding service, you need to ensure that you choose the best. By picking Blue Line Kennel, you are guaranteeing that this is the case. We cut no corners in the delivery of pet care excellence and you shouldn’t either. Our service can be as long or as short as you require, but there is a minimum 5 night charge over most holiday/vacation weeks. Your pet does not have to stay for the full 5 nights, but we do charge for them, as we will be turning away a pet for that spot that would stay for a longer period of time. We are a small company and holidays tide us over during our slow seasons, so we count on this income. This is the only time there is a minimum charge. In general, most pets stay with us between ten to fourteen days.

Why Is it Important to Treat Your Pets to Regular Nail Care Treatments?

Failing to have the nails of your pet clipped and maintained correctly could prove extremely costly for your home. Wooden floors, freshly painted walls or wooden chair and table legs could all become a playground for a cat, dog or even rabbit with excessively long nails. So, to ensure the upkeep of your home, you need to treat your pet to regular nail care treatments from us.

That being said, as bad as long nails are for your home, they are a lot worse for your pet. Failing to cut, your pet’s nails can result in injuries ranging from torn nails to arthritis. This is particularly true for dogs’ nails as they are curved, so if they grow too long they can dig into their paw pads and cause extreme pain. To avoid inflicting this level of pain on your pet, make sure that their nails are treated regularly.

Do you work with aggressive pets?

Yes, we specialize in training dogs with aggression issues, whether that is towards people or pets. Our staff is trained to handle difficult pets and we are set up for everyone's safety. We will not board aggressive dogs, however, unless you are willing to sign them up with us for training. There is no reason for any of our staff to put themselves in danger if we aren't trying to help resolve the issues. Heidi has over 30 years of experience helping aggressive and fear aggressive dogs overcome their aggression. If you need help with this, you have come to the right place.

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