Jump Start Program

This program is helpful for any behavioral issue, including aggression, or just to get your pup off to the best start.

Jump Start Program: Consists of one week of training board. Your dog stays with us for one week, in which they learn all of their basics on leash (sit, down, heel, stay, the beginning of come, and the hand signals for sit and down). Along with that they also learn basic manners (no jumping, pulling, barking for no reason, bolting thru doors, etc...). At the end of the week we spend an hour or so with you and as many of your immediate family members who can attend, explaining what you have to do to continue working with the dog. You should plan on 15-20 minutes a day of doing on leash lessons with your dog when you take them home. Cost for this program is $350 for the week, which includes board and a 1 1/2 hr lesson at the end. *Please note, sessions run from any weekday to the following same weekday, ie....Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, etc... End of sessions lessons are not available on weekends or holidays, except in rare cases, if available, with an additional charge.

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